Because We Can.

And because..

More and more I find myself reflecting on the gift of life. It’s incredible! I’m not referring to life in the biological sense of breathing, existing, etc. I’m referring to the opportunity to be and express one’s self. To do whatever YOU want to do. To pursue passions, to explore, to experience, to challenge yourself and to learn and grow from the choices that YOU make.  The ability to choose is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

My parents/leaders/peers have done a wonderful job of helping me point my life in a good direction.  Due in part to their influence, I’ve always had good grades, I got my Eagle Scout award, I was accepted to a great University, I served a mission for my church, etc.  Now I find myself laser-focused on preparing myself for the next stages in my life; namely, getting a good steady job, marrying, starting a family and finding stability and security as fast as humanly possible.  These are all great things I want in my life.  But I think there is still room for much more.

To me, this trip underlines the beauty of choice.  A personal choice to pursue what I value.  Instead of a summer job to make the Benjamins, I’ll be spending them on gas to take me to the top of the Andes. Instead of an internship to add experience to my resume, I’ll be experiencing long hot days and flat tires in the Amazon. Instead of seeking security, I’m seeking the opposite; adventure, challenges, and the unknown.

-Aron Pro


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Dude, my mind is so blown! Good job at putting your words into action! I feel the same way about being laser focused on graduating and getting a job and getting married, it’s so rad to do something like this while you get the chance. I wish I could have gone with you, we should do this another time just to Monterrey or something haha. Alright man be safe I’m stoked to read the rest of your updates on this blog! Also you’ve probably heard of it but airbnb has got some cool hostels and cheap places to stay for when you want a hotel.

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